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Coutellerie Laguiole Rodez: Racine

In the heart of the city center of Rodez, close to the cathedral, the Laguiole cutlery in Aubrac welcomes you to its concept store where everyone will find an authentic Laguiole knife in his image.
Laguiole folding or Laguiole table. Sommeliers. Knives and Cheese Services. Cutting services ...

In a warm and authentic atmosphere, a wide choice of decoration and tableware will come, in addition to the kitchen knives, to satisfy the most demanding in the layout of the house.

Branded products permanently: Laguiole in Aubrac, Opinel, Victorinox, Esteban ...

And many more along the trends of trade shows that we travel regularly to offer you the best!


Laguiole en Aubrac Knives


  • Brass Bolsters
  • Stainless Steel Bolsters
  • Double Plates
  • Laguiole Collectors
  • 7cm - 9cm -11cm - 12cm
  • With or without corkscrew
> Knives Forks and Spoons
> Flatware 28 pieces
> Sommeliers Corkscrews
> Laguiole Carving Set
> Laguiole Kitchen Knives
> Laguiole Cheese Knives and set
Coutellerie Laguiole Rodez: Racine


Indispensable to any amateur or professional, discover our wide choice of kitchen knives.

> German Kitchen Knives Zwilling

> Japanese Kitchen Knives Kai

Kitchen Knives and Accessories


Coutellerie Laguiole Rodez: Racine
Coutellerie Laguiole Rodez: Racine

- Jean Vier.

Established in the Basque Country, the Jean Vier brand combines tradition and modernity in its Linen collection

- Lib éditeurs d'idées:

Design of playful object or culinary imagined by Erwan Péron, designer.

- Les Jardins de la Comtesse:

Original creations, wicker trunks for a rustic picnic, chic or retro.


Flatware and Accessories

- Esteban Perfume and Fragrances:

Scented candles and bouquets, sprays and fragrance diffusers, refills...

- Roger Orfèvre:

Wooden kitchen utensils, juicers, mortars, trivets, wooden spoons...

- Brush Redecker.

The specialist of natural brushes since 1935.

Coutellerie Laguiole Rodez: Racine

Gifts - Utensils and Accessories


Opinel - Victorinox 



Opinel pocket, table or kitchen knives. Victorinox Swiss knives: Beautiful and useful daily tools at home or in pocket for walks, gardening, DIY, hiking, scouts, trekking...

Coutellerie Laguiole Rodez: Racine
Laguiole Cutlery Store Rodez: Racine


A space is entirely dedicated to the Pogonophiles. From shaving with Cut Throat cutters and their accessories, to the every day maintenance of the beard!

From specialized brands such as: Plisson, Dovo, Solingen, Pfeilring, Osma ...


Shaving: Cut throat cutter and Accessories


Indispensable to any amateur or professional, specialized sharpening  service is proposed to revive all your sharp objects!

Laguiole Cutlery Store Rodez: Racine
Sharpening and Engraving your Knives


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