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Laguiole Cutlery Store Rodez: Racine
Laguiole Cutlery Store Rodez: Racine

A unique selection of Japanese Kai knives available in our store.

Kai is a manufacturer of Japanese kitchen knives, which has a know-how of more than a century.

Kai is the origin of the famous Shun Damas Inox knives, which is a big hit with the most demanding cooks!



Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Wazabi

Laguiole Cutlery Store Rodez: Racine

The Japanese KAI Wasabi Black knives are the excellent entry-level knife of the Japanese brand KAI.

Made in Japan with a polished stainless steel blade with a hardness of 58 +/- 1 HRC.

A handle developed for this range, offering optimal hygiene thanks to its mixture of bamboo powder (natural antibacterial) and polypropylene.

These knives are also ideal for large kitchens such as restaurant kitchens.


Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Seki Magoroku Red Wood

Seki Magoroku Red Wood from KAI is the modern evolution of the traditional Japanese knife (produced for centuries with the same shape). Now the series is completed with symmetrical blades.

Seki Magoroku knives charm with their polished white steel blade with very high carbon content and therefore very high cutting quality (58 ± 1 HRC hardness).

The chestnut-shaped handle is made of Bubinga (red wood), a wood naturally rich in oils and therefore almost insensitive to water.

The polypropylene bolster harmonizes elegantly between the blade and the wooden handle.

To recommend to professionals, as well as to cooking enthusiasts.


Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Shun Classic

Laguiole Cutlery Store Rodez: Racine


The Shun Classic knife series is one of the widest ranges of damask knives in the world and has an unmatched success with the elite chefs and demanding cooks.

The Shun Classic knives are made of stainless steel damask, consisting of 32 layers with a VG-10 core.


This cutting blade, combined with the balanced weight of the knife, allows work without fatigue.

German Kitchen Knives Zwilling



Since 1731, ZWILLING has been producing high-end knives, recognized for their level of excellence.

Steel, ZWILLING special formula, will delight you with its optimal balance, chrome and carbon; the secret of a particularly high quality steel. They are exceptionally durable, corrosion resistant and flexible.

Thanks to its V-Edge profile, the knife slides effortlessly through the food to be cut.

Its strong wire makes it possible to obtain excellent cutting performance for the highest requirements. The sharp angle ensures an even better starting edge for even greater cutting pleasure.

The classic of professional cooking. The three rivets design with continuous silk will delight you with its optimal balance.

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